Hearing loss affects 10% of all Canadians. It is more common among older folks. Studies show that many
people leave their hearing problems untreated for as long as 7 years, partly because of embarrassment
or feeling shameful to wear proper hearing aids.
Connect Hearing, one of the leading providers in hearing aid solutions in Canada, understands that the
market is flooded with advertising from other competitors. All the other providers feature the latest
hearing aid technology or the products itself, making their advertising all look the same and impossible
to break through the clutter. No one tries to explain why someone with hearing loss should wear
hearing aid and how what it can do to improve their qualities of live.

Advertising objective

The objective of this campaign is to break through the clutter. Resonate with the audience by use a light-
hearted approach to tell the senior folks that they have a hearing problem. Each ad identifies a common
problem they face in their everyday lives. Making them feel less reluctant to take action and seek help.